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Fresh Presence DIDs

Keep Your Long Distance Campaigns Fresh with AireSpring


Fresh Presence DIDs

Are you seeing diminishing returns from repeatedly using the same old telephone numbers for your outbound calling campaigns? Fresh Presence provides a collection of phone numbers in all available area codes throughout the continental U.S., allowing your business to maintain a broad portfolio of new DIDs. As an added bonus, AireSpring will update the number list up to four times per year, providing you with a true “fresh” presence.
If your equipment is unable to outpulse a number, Fresh Presence can do it automatically. Numbers are assigned exclusively to you and calls made back to them are routed by AireSpring to your facilities in any location around the world


  • Available with AireSpring’s Long Distance SIP Trunking products
  • DIDs available in area codes throughout 48 states
  • Refresh number list up to four times per year
  • Outpulse the DID/ANI of choice, assign a hardcode ANI to calls, or have specific DIDs terminated to an ANI or toll-free number.



Top Benefits of the AireSpring Advantage™

  • Experienced and Financially Stable Carrier
  • Fully Managed Network with QoS
  • Eliminate Finger Pointing Between Providers
  • Reliable and Diversified Network
  • Online Access via our AireCare™ Customer Portal
  • Free 24/7 Proactive AireNMS™ WAN Network Monitoring Service
  • Personalized Service
  • Escalation List Up to Our CEO