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Enable any AireSpring Provided Telephone Number to Send and Receive SMS Texts


Enable any AireSpring Provided Telephone Number to
Send and Receive SMS Texts

AireTXT from AireSpring is the easiest way to add text message capabilities to your business communications. AireSpring can add text messaging functionality to any existing telephone number in the U.S. or Canada. AireTXT is available with every AireSpring Direct Inward Dialing (DID) number and Toll Free number, and on all of our award-winning platforms, including AirePBX.

Why does my business need to text?

Text message capability is no longer an option for businesses looking to provide high-quality customer experiences in today’s mobile market. Now more than ever, consumers place a premium on speed and convenience, and research shows that the fastest and most convenient form of communication is texting. Research also shows that customers like companies more when they
can be reached via text message, and that most people wish more companies would start using text to communicate.

  • 97% of Americans text at least once a day.
  • 96% of text messages get read within three minutes of delivery.
  • 75% of respondents feel that texting serves to improve the overall brand experience when communicating with businesses.
  • 64% of customers believe businesses should use texting to interact more often.

Don’t change a thing, except for the customer experience.

To improve the customer experience, you don’t need to buy new equipment or learn a separate interface. Your employees can send text messages as emails using their existing numbers, customers will be able to respond with their cell phones using the same devices they use to connect with friends and family.

Incorporate text into your business operations.

The immediate response rate and high open rates to text messages make it an ideal tool for business communications. Sophisticated enterprises are harnessing its power for employee communications, scheduling, advertising, in addition to customer service.


  • Communication Control
    Send messages from your business number, and keep your personal number private.
  • Email Integration
    Receive and reply to text messages from your preferred business email account.
  • Short Code Implementation
    High volume, application-driven messaging: the single best way to text groups.
    Custom Numbers are also available.
  • Budget Friendly
    Pay as you go, or in bulk. Multiple package options to suit your needs

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