MPLS Mesh - AireSpring

AireSpring MPLS Mesh Technical Whitepaper (PDF)

AireSpring’s Multiprotocol Label Switching – Virtual Private Network (MPLS-VPN) Meshed Network is the ultimate product for organizations requiring secure T-1 and higher speed data networks with private network security.MPLS MeshTM is your flexible path to migrate from legacy data networks to a high performance, scalable and secure IP-based network. AireSpring’s meshed network technology allows you to cherry pick the right carrier for each of your locations and seamlessly network them all securely.

Our fully meshed network allows you to pick and choose carriers for each location offering maximum flexibility and savings compared to traditional MPLS or Wide Area Networking (WAN) solutions.

Link all of your sites to a single IP network or create multiple secure networks to segment your data. This is the ideal product for customers who want to transition from traditional VPN or packet based solutions to the more efficient, secure and economical IP-VPN solutions. Improve your network efficiency with flexible addressing options and support for your private or public LAN. Quality of Service (QoS) enables you to prioritize your traffic over a single infrastructure allowing for the highest levels of performance for your voice, video and data traffic.


•    Meshed Networks (NNI) allows for multiple carrier solutions
•    Lowest Rates across multiple carrier networks
•    Voice over MPLS (VoMPLS) available
•    Largest footprint in the industry
•    Quality of Service (QoS) ensures that business critical applications are prioritized for highest levels of quality.
•    Single bill and single point of contact
•    Custom solutions to deliver the architecture that you need
•    Reliable and secure
•    Efficient and scalable
•    Integrate multiple voice, data & video networks into a singleIP-based network
•    Add new locations and applications to your network
•    Ability to combine networks from multiple carriers
•    Improve network efficiency
•    Secure and reliable network architecture
•    Widest coverage area across multiple carrier networks

If you’re looking for a network solution that combines security and flexibility with built in affordability, AireSpring MPLS Mesh is the solution for you.