Long Distance SIP Trunking


Long Distance VoIP SIP TrunkingAireSpring Long Distance SIP Trunking was built to handle the high calls per second which today’s contact centers and equipment require.  No monthly charge per channel or simultaneous call path for long distance or toll free-service! Long Distance SIP Trunking is the ultimate product for companies needing high volume outbound only service. Most turn ups within 24-48 hours. VoIP mobility. Location independence instead of the traditional attachment to physical location of PSTN.

AireSpring Long Distance SIP Trunking - VoIP


  • Most competitive rates per trunk
  • Supports G711, G729 Codec’s
  • SLA Provided through AireSpring Public/Private IP access
  • Huge savings over traditional lines or trunks
  • Built in network diversity provides a high level of network security and protects you from outages
  • Choice and cost. Simple IP connections with the public internet or private IP infrastructure gives the consumer greater options, less dependence on hardware and a greatly reduced price
  • Only need to maintain one IP-based connection for both data and voice
  • Fewer circuits, less interfaces, more efficiency, more cost effectiveness
  • Increased enterprise productivity and applications efficiency