Integrated T-1 PRI (Dynamic X)


Dynamic X is a powerful and affordable voice and data convergence solution that is dynamically balanced for the daily changes in your business traffic demands.  With the availability of up to 4.5 mbps data and 24 channels of voice on a single circuit, at a price far below separate voice and data lines. Dynamic X is available over a huge nationwide footprint including locations others don’t serve.


  • Dynamically Allocated Voice and Data T1/PRI
  • All of your Voice and Data on one circuit–  Your Voice calls are given priority over your data via a managed router (QoS)–  Data is given additional bandwidth when less voice is being used
  • Huge nationwide foot print.  We’re almost everywhere!
  • Up to 24 Channels of Voice – Includes 24,000 minutes of local usage
  • Bandwidth available in 3 options–  1.5 mbps –  3.0 mbps–  4.5 mbps
  • Virtual DID’s add flexibility and help you save even more on your calling –  Get the local numbers you need from across the country or around the world which ring locally to your phone system!–  Create an expanded local calling area by adding phone numbers in the areas where most of your customers are located.–  Replace your toll free numbers with numbers which are local to your customers.
  • Toll Free service available


  • Voice over IP (VoIP) delivered to traditional phone systems
  • Up to 16 IP Addresses included
  • Utilizes industry standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
  • Years of R&D, testing, and support have gone into the development of this and other AireSpring products
  • Aggressive Long Distance and Toll Free rates

Product is for customers with a standard PBX, requiring a TDM handoff.  Customers with an IP PBX should consider AireSpring Local SIP Trunking as an alternative.

Dynamic X is the ultimate in flexibility and savings.  AireSpring leverages its decade long leadership in the telecom industry to bring you lowest rates on your local and long distance calling.  And the Dynamically allocated voice and data circuit bring additional savings in allowing for the full utilization of available bandwidth.

  • FREE Local minutes included
  • FREE Managed Router
  • FREE Installation
  • FREE On-Net calling
  • Aggressive Long Distance rates
  • Nationwide and International DIDs available
  • Quick turn ups
  • Your data is carried over the AireSpring private IP backbone and never touches the Public Internet
  • Only need to maintain one connection for your data and voice
  • Separate on-premise PSTN and Data circuits no longer required
  • Fewer circuits, less interfaces, more efficiency, more cost effectiveness!
  • Increased enterprise productivity and application efficiency
  • Multiple locations all on one bill